The Liftie Challenge Big White Preview!!!

The Liftie challenge at big white is an event for the real deal drinkers at big white. What you do is, get a couple of mate, a backpack full or beer and strap your snowboard on. Then you must ride out every lift on the mountain and chug a beer on each lift. (For those bitching about it we did not do the magic carpets and we don’t care if you say that doesn’t count, it fucking does, we still made it out later and went harder than the rest of you groms).


Ski Blades

Friday nights we get $10 rentals, so we made the most of it with ski blades. how good.


Our first Sunday in the park. We aren’t the best. But shit do we have a good time.

Send It Canada – Episode 14

In this episode the crew have to pack up and leave again. Peachy spends his last few days with the guys before starting his new journey alone to Vancouver Island (check peach life videos for more). We go down to kelowna to check out the hockey and then we show Canada how it’s done celebrating Australia day.