Send It Canada – Episode 18 Winter Lives on

So its been a few weeks since I have put up a video, mostly out of myself being too busy enjoying the powder we had. Since the last video, we finally got delivered out coachella tickets, had 2 mates from home come visit and get to shred, spent some time […]

Shredding The Neighbors Roof

So all season we watched our neighbors roof slowly get covered in more and more snow to make a perfect little bank to have a shred down. Then one sunny afternoon after a few brews we decided fuck it lets go have a shred. Here are the results


From skateboarding, to flying with birds to chasing a sunset… thats living..

Ep.17 – The Liftie Challenge

This Episode we get going doing the liftie Challenge at Big White, for those of you wondering what that is I will explain.
Firstly get some friends, load up a bag of beers (13 for this mount), then get your gear on and you must drink a beer on each chairlift on the mountain to complete it.

Its a ripper time and boy did we give it a good crack